Math Education - Operations tools

Calendar Tool

This project was to create a tool that will streamline the processes of planning, confirming, entering, and editing round programming (RP). Eliminate Google Sheets importers in School Books for bell schedules, cohort meeting times, and Portal times by including functionality for this aspect of the school calendar setup. Support variations in RP due to Operational and Academic Configurations.
CGA Tool

This tool is a basic interim solution to ease direct data entry to this specific table, and to satisfy four basic use cases: View a set of CGA parameters in a user-friendly layout, edit or create a single CGA parameter at a time, bulk-edit CGA parameters, and keep track of the change history and future changes made to the table.
Rostering Tool

This product encompasses the functionality of the Rostering Tool, which Site Operations and Scheduling Operations use to load rosters of students for each school using TTO. The tool allows for loading and validating a CSV file, reviewing errors, and publishing the students to the TTO database.
Staff and Section Tool

Staff, cohort, and section configurations serve as input to student rostering, round transition, scheduling, and the suite of field-facing tools.
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